Our trained and certified team of upholstery cleaners will help clean and restore the look of all types of furniture, couches, lounges, dining chairs, chaises, ottomans and more


  • Health and Hygiene – Couches and sofas are the most used piece of furniture at home! Bacteria, allergens, mites make your upholstery a comfortable living home which could lead to various health issues, respiratory problems and allergies.
  • Improves indoor air quality – Most people do not realize that their couches play a crucial role in maintaining the air quality of their homes. Deep professional cleaning of upholstery helps get rid of grime, oil, dust and mildew that has accumulated over time.
  • Appearance – Regular professional upholstery cleaning helps customers restore their couches, sofa’s recliners and furniture. This makes the upholstery look and feels many years younger, saving future replacement costs.

The best way to keep your fabric looking clean and at its best is to:

  • Apply Fabric Protection (yes, we can help with that!) once cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaner
  • Regularly vacuum, making sure that all surfaces are kept free from dust.
  • Call us immediately if spills or stains occur, the longer soiling and stains remain on your fabric, the more difficult they are to treat.

On The Spot, here to help homeowners just like you to restore and clean their furniture to enjoy for many years to come.


Our staff are prompt, courteous, and always deliver a result that will leave you speechless.