We offer a variety of treatments that can remediate odours such as tobacco smoke, pets, smoke residue and offensive food odours.

Most common Odour treatment – Urine:

Urine can cause serious damage to your carpets and rugs. Not only odour wise but the liquid tends to seep deep into the fibres. Urine comprises of uric salts which let out a pungent odour and pet urine affected area act as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens raising health and hygiene concerns.

Be it your fur babies or your little ones, accidents are unavoidable. Especially in the case of pets, once they have urinated in a particular spot, they will most likely urinate there again unless the smell is entirely removed.

The longer the urine spot has been left untreated, the stronger the smell and more damage caused.

We use the latest hot water extraction technology together with as effective enzymatic cleaner to eliminate bacteria and build-up as well as an anti-bacterial deodorizer to leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling fresh.

On The Spot, here to help homeowners just like you to restore and clean their carpets to enjoy for many years to come.