We offer high quality and professional leather cleaning and conditioning treatments

Our specialised three-stage process:

  • Removal of all looses debris, dust and dirt.
  • A deep clean to remove all dirt, bacteria and allergens.
  • Application of a leather moisturising treatment that enhances the colour and prevents re-soiling. This dries instantly and leaves your leather smelling fresh and looking clean.


  • Removes dust and grime –  Leather upholstery would have accumulated oil, grime and bacteria over time from your skin, clothes and just the air in your home. Professional leather couch or furniture cleaning eliminates soiling and limits damage.
  • Increases durability – Leather upholstery, when taken care of, lasts a lifetime. Having your leather furniture professionally cleaned will help in maintaining its look and will prevent it from looking old, wrinkled and deflated.

Our staff are prompt, courteous, and always deliver a result that will leave you smiling.


On The Spot, here to help homeowners revitalize and clean their leather furniture to enjoy for many years to come.