Whether you’re after a clean of party stains, general indoor or outdoor dirt, fish guts, or simply want to clean for hygienic or aesthetic reasons, our professional upholstery cleaning technicians can help.

Special attention is placed on all areas that attract the biggest build-up of grime, these tend to be where our natural body oils have made contact with the fabric.

We offer a specialised hot water extraction deep cleaning service together with deodorizing, sanitizing and protection properties.

Additionally, we have many stain removal procedures and techniques to tackle and remove most stains from your upholstery.


  •  Health and Hygiene – We often underestimate how much bacteria can accumulate! Bacteria, allergens, mites make your upholstery a comfortable living home which could lead to various health issues, respiratory problems and allergies.

  • Appearance – Regular professional upholstery cleaning helps customers restore their furniture. This makes the upholstery look and feels many years younger, saving future replacement costs.

  • Removes odours – Deep steam cleaning of carpets get rid of smells that vacuuming will not fix. This is crucial, especially for homes that have pets.
  • Vibrant atmosphere – Neat and stain free carpets help you maintain the decor of your house whilst bringing it together.
  • Ensures rug warranty – To maintain your warranty, it is suggested to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months.

We deliver high quality services and outstanding results!