We are a locally owned company, specialising in Heat Pump Service Cleaning in Waiheke Island

We clean all makes and models of Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning units.

A point of difference is that we use Vapour Steam to clean the coil unit inside your heat pump, which over time will become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, fungi BUT our On The Spot cleaning process will kill all those health risks living in the coils.

Why get a Heat Pump Service Clean?

  • Clogged up filters are a health hazard.
  • The unit is overworking when clogged up with dirt etc and as such ‘churning through‘ electricity. Simply cleaning these filters along with the coil clean would mean hundreds of dollars would be saved each year on the power bill alone!!
  • Your home will be a safer, fresher environment with cleaner air for your family to breath.

CALL TODAY if you want your AC unit free from dirt, dust, mould, bacteria and cooking  smells!