Now offering Waiheke clients a local service that can Scrub or Strip & Polish their Hard Floors.

Our professional hard floor cleaning services are carried out by Qualified technicians with the right equipment, ensuring your bathrooms, kitchen, living areas and outdoor areas look as good as new.

Hard floors often accumulate dirt and grime very quickly, both in the joints and on the surfaces of the floor itself, to remove this would require back-breaking effort on your part, but with our equipment and professional expertise, we can take care of it for you.

Skipping regular professional cleaning severely impacts the appearance and quality of your floors, forcing you to spend more money on repairing and replacing them.


  • Increases durability – Neglected floors accumulate dust, grime and other contaminants in their crevices over time that weaken the integrity of the floors. Floors lose their colour, lustre, fade and crack forcing you to spend much more on replacing or repairing them.
  • Health and Hygiene – Like any other surface in your home, floors collect grime, bacteria and allergens. Many clients fail to consider that their floors could be affecting the air quality negatively leading to various health issues, respiratory problems and allergies.

We can assist with all you tile, concrete, linoleum and vinyl floors

All cleaned areas are dry within minutes.

We offer high quality and professional cleaning services to both our commercial and residential clients.