Whether you’ve had a flood or water leakage situation at your premises, it is always best to contact flood extraction professionals immediately as carpets like any other material absorb water. Damp carpets are the breeding ground for bacteria and allergens.

The longer you wait, the faster they multiply, that is why we treat our clients affected by flood and water damage with priority.

Not only are your carpets at risk, your walls, architraves, doors, concrete floors, etc all need to be dried to an acceptable building standard. Our superior equipment helps us to remove as much water as possible, as quickly as possible and from as many different building materials as possible. This means faster drying times, less damage and less disruption for you!

We regularly monitor the drying process and provide a full report that you are able to pass on to your Insurance company.

Our services range from minor air conditioning leaks to elaborate burst water pipes and even major flood or storm-water damage.

We offer a high quality and professional services to both our commercial and residential clients.